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"I own rental properties in Florida and have been using Landlord Report for about 11 months. We absolutely love it! We're not very technical, and we were afraid of moving off of Microsoft Excel, but Landlord Report was so easy to use and setup, we decided to purchase. Now, everything we need to find is in Landlord Report! Rent Roll History of all our tenants, the rent paid, rent charges, work orders, phone messages and tons of other reports built right in! During the last 11 months, I've saved enough time to pay for the software 100 times over!."

John Stevens
(Real Estate Investor, Florida)

"I have 225 units. I have been using Landlord Report for about 3 years now and I recommend it. Any one who owns property with Tenants should be using the software. I love it."

Robert McMillian
(Apartment Owner, Wisconsin)

"The Landlord Report is the best property management software around. Its fantastic!"

Jerry Martin
(Apartment Owner, Texas)

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